Mystic Worlds.

Private investigation of homes/business premises.

Recent Investigation Locations..

West Dereham, Norfolk

King's Lynn, Norfolk

Anglesey, N Wales


Fishing Lake, Essex

Private House Nr Wisbech, Cambridgeshire


Do you recognise any of the following signs?

Items go "missing" only to reappear in full view some time later.

Dark shapes moving about.

Pets that seem to be following something invisible around the room.

Cold spots that cannot be explained.

Noises/sounds that you cannot trace the origin of.

Smells with no obvious source (tobacco, flowers, perfume etc).

Doors that open or close for no apparent reason.

If you do, and would like Mystic Worlds to investigate then please get in touch. email:- or call our mobile on 07758 485217.


All investigations at private homes/business premises are carried out free* of charge, and with respect for your privacy, property, and possessions. Any "evidence" gathered from an investigation will neither be placed on our site, nor will it be distributed to third parties, without your express permission. You will also receive your own copy of any "evidence" gathered from the investigation.



*please note that although the investigation is free we reserve the right to make a charge towards travelling costs when greater distances are involved.